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Exquisite Silk and Linen Collections that fit your Lifestyle

Style in Evolution is not only representative of New York City's COURTNEY WASHINGTON fashions, like our silk clothing and linen collection; it is also a statement that embodies the vision of our designer. It is easy to see that when he concentrates on a design he also focuses on its future and where the overall collection is headed. Courtney's eye for detail and his stylistic intuition produces a fun and timeless fashion for full-figured women.

Unique To You

All of our clothing is flawlessly constructed to fit a woman's shape and curves, a vestige of the designer's background in custom design. Each piece is designed to look impeccable, as if it were made specifically for each woman. The designer uses his skill and insight in building collections that allow clients to create their own masterpieces. By mixing and matching Courtney's designs, women can craft unique looks.

Lifestyle Collection

Conceived and created by Courtney for the sophisticated, everyday woman, this clothing line is not only fun, but functional and versatile. From the office to drinks to international travel, the Lifestyle Collection is a progressive choice for every setting. Courtney created this body accentuating line from a diverse selection of rich fabrics. Each piece can be interchanged to produce countless numbers of outfits.

Pucker Collection

This sensual, chic, and classic collection was developed with the furious pace of the modern woman's life in mind. Courtney has created all of the pieces in the Pucker Fabric line to be washed and ready to wear. No ironing is needed. Our clothing is comfortable and complements other pieces in the same line. 

Models Wearing the Collection of Courtney Washington

Silk and Linen Collection

Be ever-fabulous with the combination of rich materials found in this body-flattering luxury line of clothing. Linen and silk knits in vibrant colors and sexy, conceptual designs make up the couture of the 21st century woman. If you are elegant, fearless, and feminine, this collection is perfect for you.

Become a Client

After finding and purchasing a COURTNEY WASHINGTON garment, first-time customers will soon become regular clients. These clients all have one thing in common: COURTNEY WASHINGTON clothing has permanently changed how they present themselves to the world. Our customers transition from casual clothing buyers into fashion aficionados who are skilled at creating their own styles. To all future COURTNEY WASHINGTON clients, enjoy yourselves.